Michel Reybier Hospitality

Medical and osteopathic consultation


Our team includes trained osteopaths and physical therapists who have acquired a great many years of experience in hospitals and independent surgeries. A holistic approach to the body, perfect knowledge of joint, muscle, visceral and cranial mobility, a keen understanding of postural habits, the ability to listen, along with considerable expertise focusing on soft, gentle techniques, provide a set of guarantees that your osteopathy session will fulfill your needs. Every session starts with an in-depth analysis in order to define and correct any imbalances in the body’s various structures. Your body will recover its suppleness, mobility, range and harmony. Aches and pains are avoided, decrease or disappear. The session may be followed by recommendations for physical activities or massages to extend positive effects.


Anti-aging medicine*

Scientific knowledge of the molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in the aging process, their causes and the factors that foster them today makes it possible to treat age-related illnesses more effectively. Drawing on this knowledge, anti-aging medicine encourages a preventive approach, with the aim of:

• Correcting age-related pathophysiological issues
• Slowing down certain aspects by prescribing molecules whose effectiveness has been scientifically documented
• Reducing the risks of premature aging, at the psychological, physical and aesthetic levels.

The doctor will look for disturbances that usually occur after the age of 40, through questionnaires and an extensive examination of the patient. A personalized program then provides the means to maintain youthfulness as long as possible.

 *Consultation reserved for members

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