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Virginie Basselot launches the new Loti menu.

A desire to share delightful gourmet treats, inspired creativity, a touch of boldness, lovingly selected produce, perfect technical mastery... discover the Virginie Basselot’s refined and elegant cuisine with the menu at the Loti.

2015 winner of the Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best Craftsman of France) award in the cuisine-gastronomy category and new Chef of La Réserve Genève, Virginie Basselot electrifies her solid classical foundations with contemporary yet delicate touches of brilliance.

Pumpkin and chestnut ravioli, watercress coulis, white Alba truffle shavings, spider crab rolled in a green apple and wasabi remoulade, red lentil coulis… Unexpected associations, sophisticated presentation and impeccable execution combine to offer a brilliantly self-evident gourmet experience. Each savor reveals itself distinctly and in all its true intensity. 

Loyal to her native Normandy, Virginie Basselot has added a few personal nods to her menu, through seafood, and even more movingly in her signature dish: cod fillet in the pan with lemon balm butter. It is served on a bed of pearl tapioca, evoking “childhood memories of my grandmother’s cooking, since she often took care of me because my parents were in the restaurant business”, as she explains. A cult recipe for connoisseurs.

Virginie Basselot is passionate about the quest for authentic produce and also wishes to give a leading role to locally grown food, convinced that “it’s important that guests at La Réserve can enjoy local specialties”. Instinctively keen to discover the gems offered by regional producers, she has already chosen her star poultry, “Nant d’Avril”, served roasted with cocoa nibs, Jerusalem artichokes and coffee gravy. 

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Lunch from noon to 2 pm from Monday to Saturday 
Dinner from 7 pm to 10 pm from Monday to Saturday

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