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Live Nights

Live Nights

The bar at La Réserve Genève offers its music-loving guests "live music" evenings from Tuesday to Saturday in an atmosphere as chic as it is relaxing. A perfect excuse for a drink with friends, to the pleasing sounds of lounge or house music in the background.
New! Enjoy a unique moment every Wednesday and Thursday! You're in for a pleasant surprise with an incredible duet in which contemporary music meets the harmonica. Exclusive to La Réserve Genève.

From Tuesday to Saturday evening from 7 pm


Festive Moments


From November 26th to January 7th, sample the most delightful joys of the end of the year...


Party time for the kids!


A skating rink for having fun and enjoying sweet treats...


Magazine La Réserve


Discover the 22nd issue dedicated to colors...


Le Loti Brunch


Sunday mornings end off in the most delicious way possible with the new brunch served at Le Loti....