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La Réserve Spa Genève

La Réserve Spa Genève

An innovative approach to enhancing the beauty of your legs

Advances in aesthetic medicine combined with angiological expertise now make it possible to prevent and correct unattractive blemishes appearing on the legs due to venous dysfunction, heredity or our lifestyles.

Whatever your expectations regarding your figure or your legs, the Nescens Spa offers you a global and personalized care is innovative and synergy-filled combination of therapies, spa treatments and sports activities help you get fast results under medical supervision. The specialized physician of the Nescens La Réserve Spa Genève will conduct a complete clinical check-up as well venous imaging using a Doppler Ultrasound in order to evaluate your request and determine your needs. He will then suggest a customized program enabling you to benefit from the latest technological, medical and Better-Aging advances.

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